Friday, April 10, 2015

One Arm Handstand Under Water

There are many people who do a handstand, but perhaps no one has done a handstand under water. It is a dream that might be an inspiration for those who love the challenge.

Of course, this is also my dream that one day I will be able to do one-arm handstand under water. This is a fun sport.

I also can not imagine what it's like do push-ups in the water. Are you interested in doing that?


  1. hello, dear friend, life is not simply to survive.
    Life is not simply exist.
    Life means life, with all your senses.
    So, live ... !!!! "
    I wish you a wonderful weekend

  2. Dear Dieter, thanks. Wish you enjoy the weekend.

  3. hello friends happy weekends

  4. Dear Rohmad Aini, thanks for visiting here. Have a great weekend.