Friday, March 27, 2015

Why I do head stand

Head stand against the wall 
If your age above 40 years old, your hair may be graying, then try doing head stand because some yogis said that head stand will restore your grey hair back to its natural color.

Head stand is a pose that is an inversion posture of standing head up, so this will increases nutrients and blood flow to the scalp.

I started practicing head stand few days ago. This pose needs a strong neck, so be careful to do it. You can do it with an instructor or a friend who helps you.

Because head stand is an inverted position, it will flush oxygen to the face. You will feel how your blood flow to your face and it will effect the skin glowing.

The most important thing when we do a head stand is because the heart continues to pump blood up to the brain, this will reduce tension.

There are many more benefits of doing the head stand, then start doing it now.

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