Sunday, August 16, 2015

I Make Mini Pedicabs

 My name is Menchana but when I was a child, my grandmother called me : Memen. I live in a small village names Klayan. It is in north Cirebon.

My grandmother had many pedicabs to rent and I always helped her carried something to our house with it from the rice field, it was about 500 meter from the house. That happened when I was in elementary school, grade 5 and 6.

And when I was in the first year of secondary school, at night I was a "Tukang Becak". And I was very proud because I could have money with my own effort.

At the moment, I make some pedicabs with some sizes and models.

You can contact me : 085224494669


  1. Hope for your successful business, Kang Memen

  2. Terima kasih, teh Hj. Lina. Sukses selalu.

  3. Sukses juga ya boss untuk usahanya..heee

  4. Terima kasih, pak guru Icah Banjarmasin. Semoga sukses selalu.